Qualitative data analysis references

I just had to share this photo I took in the Botanical Gardens in Manurewa last Sunday. Dene and I went back this morning so that I cld find out what it’s called. It’s the ‘Bird Lady’ and is one of many sculptures being exhibited there at the moment. It’s truly eye catching isn’t it?

Below are 2 references which I found to be useful for qualitative data analysis. I’ve also included the points covered for ease of reference.

  1. Ryan, B. R. (2008). Methodology: Analyzing qualitative data and writing up your findings. http://eprints.nuim.ie/871/1/methodology.pdf
  • Why one should analyse data and not just assume that it can ‘speak for itself’;
  • What analysis entails;
  • Getting started: preliminary analysis and coding;
  • The nature of evidence;
  • Doing more advanced analysis;
  • Writing up your findings;
  • Discussion-oriented writing.

2. Tips for analysing qualitative data. (May 2007).  http://www.insites.org/CLIP_v1_site/downloads/PDFs/TipsAnalzQualData.5D.8-07.pdf

  • Reviewing your data
  • Organizing your data for analysis
  • Example – questionnaire data
  • Developing your codes
  • Coding your data
  • Finding themes, patterns and relationships
  • Summarizing your data
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One Response to Qualitative data analysis references

  1. Alages these look like very useful resources. Thank you for sharing them.

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