Life happens

On Thursday at our weekly meeting, we sorted out who’s doing what in relation to writing up of the findings. It was best to do it in sections relating to the evaluation questions. Tom indicated his interest in doing the section on usability and Mark and I then took the other sections. Tom’s section is relatively bigger and so we said we’d pitch in to help him if need be.

Generally collecting the data was a smooth and efficient process as Tom had identified how we were to proceed and Mark and I added our input. We also agreed to write up our notes on how the trailling of the iLP went as it was still fresh in our minds.

Most of my samples were available during the times we had agreed on. But then despite me making arrangements 2 weeks earlier, one sample has proven to be a bit elusive and so I’ll be doing mine on Monday. So this is where plans are important as contingencies have to be in place for these types of situations. So our analysis for now has been delayed:-(

So note to myself … in future ensure that a bigger sample size is identified and if there is an attrition rate, then I’ll still have some decent numbers to work with.

Then this morning we began to have extremely slow internet service. Dene has complained to Telecom and we have been assured that it will be restored in 2 days’ time. Oh dear … as I do most of my work on Saturdays and Sundays, this is greatly hampering my progress. Technology is great when it works and well not so great when the downloads take you ages … Oh well back to the drawing board …

So Plan 2 is to start working on incorporating Bronwyn’s feedback on my sections of the evaluation plan to be included into the report later. Moreover, I’ll be looking at a template we can use to present our results and findings. Good thing I had downloaded some articles earlier, so I hope to read those and make the relevant notes for the section on discussion.

Personally I do my best to meet deadlines but then life happens and so options are good. Also what I take away from this experience is not to lose my sanity when it matters most… keep my wits about me and continue to do the best I can.

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2 Responses to Life happens

  1. Sandra Hamilton says:

    Don’t worry Algaes – I’m away for a week and Rosanne is away for 10 days after that. Our key informant has only just been available this week, our paper student surveys haven’t arrived through snail mail to be analysed by Rosanne and our expert won’t be interviewed until the 7th. Nooo worries!
    Sandra H

    • alagesandre says:

      Sorry for the late reply Sandra. I’m still getting used to using the blog and only noted your comment earlier today.

      Yes as you’ve said that’s life … we do the best we can 🙂

      Thanks once again for the support 🙂


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