Our meeting last Thurs

I wrote this last Fri (11/11), saved it as a draft and then forgot to ‘publish’ as I got busy with my section of Assessment 2. So here it is …

Finally all the data has been collected. Despite our plan to complete this in 2 weeks, it has taken us about 3 1/2 weeks. So this has delayed our data analysis which we plan to complete by the end of this week.

Also working with Google forms has proved to be quite a challenge. While it is relatively simple and straightforward to create questionnaires using Google forms, it is important to ensure that you know how to use the different functions in it well enough to extract the data that you need. I had planned to learn more about it last weekend but due to the slow internet service, downloading tutorials from youtube proved to be such a long and painful process. No matter the issue was resolved by copying the data into excel, flipping it and then filtering the data into the two sample groups: Teacher and Expert users.

At today’s  weekly meeting, Tom, Mark and I revisited the evaluation questions, sub-questions and the data collection instruments: questionnaire and interviews using a table I had done.  By relating the responses to the questionnaires and interviews to the evaluation questions, I felt it was easy to answer the questions.

More later 🙂

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