Whew … submitting Assignment 2 for feedback …

Wow what a weekend that was… It was as usual busy … I have gotten into the habit of spending the whole of Saturday and most of Sunday working on the assignments. It surely helps that Dene is extremely understanding and supportive 🙂

So I started my work in the morning and got stuck into the analysis. As I trawled through the data, I became excited to find that the  findings on the evaluation of the iLessonPlan seemed to be rather positive 🙂 Anyway more on that later at the end of the evaluation …

The first task was to make sense of the raw data we had collected using a questionnaire in Google forms and an interview. As I said in my previous blog, the data in Google forms was copied into an excel spreadsheet and that certainly helped me to identify the trends much better.

Ordering the responses using established criteria is also essential to making sense of the data. I played around with several versions always keeping in mind the evaluation questions. This  of course was time consuming but the more  I looked at it the better I was able to identify the trends and patterns.

Then I flicked emails to Tom and Mark updating them of the progress. Tom and Mark were working on their sections and we kept in touch constantly about what was happening as we set the deadline for Monday to submit the assignment for feedback. As Mark said once something to the effect of, ‘Alages forward our emails to Bronwyn and she’ll have a better idea of what we’re doing as we only post our final draft/s on the wiki’.

Gradually my section is taking shape and I can see the end … well almost … Monday arrives and the internet is unavailable from 2 pm onwards … oh dear 😦

Tom does a whole lot of work and it’s lost in cyberspace 😦 With blood pressure rising, he manages to save it … youuuuuuuuuuuhoooooo. I do some work and the file is lost again in cyberspace … hmmm surely it’s NOT Friday the 13th??

Anyway all’s well as when we met this afternoon we put our sections together … gosh what a relief! It’s still a work in progress but it is ready for feedback now 🙂 It’s a day later than when we said we’d submit it but better late than never 🙂

It’s great working with Tom and Mark. We make a good team 🙂

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