Reflections on Assessment 2

Finally after what seems like a long haul, Assessment 2 has been submitted to Bronwyn. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees and many thanks to Brownyn for pruning back the branches 🙂

Anyway it’s all done and here are my contributions and reflections on Assessment 2:

  1. Initially we divided the Evaluation Questions …Tom said he was interested in working on usability so he took EQ 2a and 2b, Mark did EQ1b and I did EQ1a. As I looked at the requirements of the assessment, I worked on the data analysis procedure and rationale. Also I extracted from the raw data what we needed to answer the evaluation questions and presented them in the appendices.
  2. After Bronwyn’s feedback, I starting incorporating the changes and revised how the data was presented. As I wrote the findings it was very interesting to see how the story unfolded in relation to the evaluation questions. It was very exciting for me personally as I now have the results of a formative evaluation on the iLP 🙂
  3. I did my part plus I also did Mark’s as his father was gravely ill for the last few weeks and passed away last week. It has been a very difficult time for him and Tom and I were happy to do what we could to help out. Tom revised his section and I then massaged it to make it consistent with all the sections. Tom very kindly offered to do the tables and that fit in well with the rest of the work. So we both worked through the week and weekend and with emails flying as Tom has said all the sections were completed. Mark did the tables, graphs and formatting and slotted in the appendices.
  4. Communication is absolutely crucial when working in a group. Our weekly meetings are great and even during holidays we made it a point to meet. Also participating in the Wimba sessions was extremely useful as we got immediate feedback on our work. Attending it with Tom made my task easier as he would ask questions and make comments which I had forgotten or had not thought of asking. So we got more feedback on our work.
  5. I read through Bronwyn’s feedback to ensure that all the comments and feedback had been incorporated. We also considered feedback from Sandra H, Fred and Rosanne in the assignment.
  6. What have I learnt from this exercise – One is that it’s important to conduct a pilot using a few samples. Yes I know that’s a luxury and in our case certainly not possible nor practical considering the time frame. The findings indicate that further probing of the responses from the samples might have elicited much richer data. Also knowing now what the responses are, slightly modified questions too might have elicited well possibly different findings.
  7. I gave feedback to Sandra H and Rosanne’s Assignment Version 2.
  8. Link to Assessment 2
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3 Responses to Reflections on Assessment 2

  1. Sandra Hamilton says:

    Well done!

    • alagesandre says:

      Thanks a lot Sandra. Sorry for the late reply as I was away presenting at a conference. We had to do some revisions which we’ve now completed and then on to Assignment 3 🙂

  2. It sounds like your hard work came together in the end. This is a great example of how a team can pull together when the ‘chips are down’. Well done.

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